About Rich Preisig Jr.

Rich Preisig and his years as an entrepreneur has brought his ability to fully understand the value of a business model to an apex.  Years of business strategies revolving in and around the stock brokerage industry , internet boom and bust, bringing a company public, the mortgage industry, student loan consolidation industry, cash advance industry and so many more.

Rich Preisig and as some call him, Richie or Richard, is recently known for his strong ability to write compelling content that drives traffic to businesses sites, landing pages and or lead capture pages.  Mr. Rich Preisig has been quoted saying, “I’m a firm believer that interesting and informative content will always drive consumers to your sites, as your content is the first impression and start of the relationship to be, so if you give the consumer value in the form of words, you’re likely to hear back from them in the form of filling out your lead capture form or simply calling you.”

While Rich isn’t working, he spends as much time as possible with his new daughter and wife.  Life with Rich Preisig is always filled with inspiration, ideas, concepts, new ideas and just a different overall way of looking at Life.

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    Richard Preisig is a professional who really cares about the growth of your business.

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