Richard Preisig Review of FTC Ruling for Debt Relief Companies

However, now there are new FTC rulings and sure to come new legislation that favors the attorney-based debt resolution model or as some call it, the red states for debt settlement.  In actuality, the attorney based debt resolution model performs its services in 48 states, so the debt settlement model is redundant anyway. “Get the news, hear all about it, the debt settlement industry and all those who are not affiliated with an attorney based debt resolution model are done, finished, and scrambling to the attorney model says Richard Preisig.

Obviously, an attorney has a license on the line during all representations of a client, however a debt settlement affiliate has no accountability and little or no chance of being held responsible for recompense for their actions. The long and short of it is the traditional green state debt settlement model (down to 20 states) is a defunct model as of Oct. 27th 2010 unless lobbyists for T.A.S.C. pull animal farms out of their hats and loosen the noose a bit.

This is incredible considering that the loan modification companies, credit repair companies, mortgage offices, call centers and the like were just about to make life changing money, but no fear there’s always a plan b.  Even lead generation companies are scrambling for answers, as the demand for debt settlement leads must shift quickly to providing debt resolution leads that there’s a difference.

The Debt Relief FTC Ruling states clearly, “Debt-settlement companies will now only be able to charge a fee once a customers debt has been reduced, settled or renegotiated. The rule goes into effect Oct. 27.”  Ouch

An attorney has a fiduciary duty to a client, meaning they must always, first and foremost, have the clients best interest in mind. Of course, this is not the case at all for the non-attorney based model, and therefore it is abundantly clear the significant difference between the two versions based upon who has more to lose and keeping the client protected.

Now that you understand why it’s so important to align your company with our attorney-based debt resolution model, you must take note of a couple of crucial points, states industry veteran Rich Preisig.

Choose an attorney-based debt resolution alliance which has stood the test of time, catering to both industry veterans and to those who are new to the business.

Be always mindful of your cash flow! Seasoned veterans of the business know it is critical to work with a company that has committed to commissions which are accelerated, being paid within the first 3 to 5 months. This is an essential element in holding off the costs incurred for leads and client acquisition, as well as your ability to pay commissions due to your representatives. Exhausting working capital is the single most influential reason that businesses go out of business in the debt relief industry.

“Make arrangements for a training program for your sales force, as this is a dominant factor in the success of your sales force, states Richard Preisig an expert article writer. Additionally, work with a company that offers an excellent, ongoing and comprehensive training course. Salespeople armed with the knowledge, confidence and interpersonal skills required will be successful. With competent debt resolution training, you will start to close a transaction each day, per agent. An office with 10 salespeople can be expected to close 200 deals a month.

Align Your Company with a White Glove Attorney Debt Resolution Affiliate Program that Your Clients will Appreciate and will complement Your Business; any sales business looking to make approximately 3k per deal. 

FYI: The average debt settlement agent closes 6 to 8 debt settlement deals per month. 

10 sales agents x 6 deals a month = 60 Deals x $3,000 = $180,000 paid out over time.

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Providing Debt Resolution in 48 States with FTC Approved Attorney Based Debt Resolution Affiliates, net branches, mortgage offices, call centers, etc. 

No start up fees. No Quotas. Ongoing Training and Access to Our Debt Leads – only the best … not kidding.

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