Free Debt Resolution Leads Come from Debt Resolution Content

So, you have already committed the time and capital by investing in all the necessary elements to make your debt settlement office functional – now what?  With the office accommodations, such as furniture, phones, computers, insurance and staff all in place and ready to roll, what are your plans for securing exclusive debt settlement leads?  Your sales representatives are prepared to get down to business, but do you have the leads they need so they can start closing deals?

The first priority of any business – be it sales, service or otherwise – is generating your own source for live debt settlement leads.  It is a credible fact that no leads promise no business.  Did you plan to have complete reliance on a third party to provide your sales people with live, exclusive debt settlement leads?

It is entirely possible for you to drive specific, targeted traffic to your website’s landing pages and lead capture forms.  You might regard your level of knowledge and comprehension about “driving traffic”, “SEO” (search engine optimization) and “lead capture” as less than optimal.   But once familiar with these terms and other internet industry lingo, you will be armed with the ammunition you need to start bringing in free, organic debt settlement leads.

It’s all about “article marketing”, and anyone can do it – but it’s crucial to understand that, unless it’s done right, there is no value.  While debt resolution article marketing is not particularly new to the internet business arena, this method of advertising continues to evolve and flourish – and for good reason.  Writing effective debt settlement articles, and publishing them on the internet, has proven to be a dependable and constant source of abundant leads.  Just in case this isn’t reason enough to try article marketing, how about the money you’re guaranteed to save by working this approach to advertising?

To gain the trust of your readers, you want to concentrate your article writing efforts on providing them with debt settlement or debt resolution information that is accurate, logical, helpful and also offers value to them.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the debt settlement and debt resolution business, as well as your ability to assist them with actually settling their debt.

Debt settlement affiliates looking for well written articles that prompt the reader to click on a supporting back link to your debt settlement website or landing page should contact Richard Preisig, an expert in debt settlement content.  One of the fundamental requirements in composing your articles is determining, and then using, the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases.

Google searches performed by using keywords and keyword phrases are more effective than other methods of online advertising because online researchers have become more educated and “search savvy”.  They realize that multiple keyword queries will likely return the results they want.  Additionally, “search listing” (the words typed into a Google or other search engine search box) is 6 times more effective than banner ads and 8 times more effective than tile ads in capturing consumer interest in your product or service.

Rich Preisig states that another significant key to accomplishing  the best results from your article marketing is to be sure it contains no less than 500 words – search engines tend to favor and value these more so than articles shorter in length.  One more tip for your article marketing relates to “back-linking”, and this will be discussed in more detail in a subsequent article.  Stay tuned!


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