Richard Preisig discusses attorney based debt resolution.

You have undoubtedly heard or read that debt settlement affiliates are swiftly making the changeover to the far more advantageous attorney-based debt resolution version.  It’s simple to understand why this is when you consider the “green states” model, which defines those States that do not require an attorney for settling a consumer’s debt.

While it’s true that each version of the two debt fulfillment models bear a strong resemblance, there is an equally compelling reason why attorney debt settlement, as it’s often called is strongly preferred and quickly gaining acceptance.  Debt settlement net branches and affiliates new to the industry began by just signing on with a “back-end debt settlement”,  which goes to show you that the process can be implemented by absolutely anyone.  That’s right – anyone at all.  The individuals or companies offering a client this service are referred to as “debt settlement affiliates” and, unfortunately for the consumer, it is entirely possible they have little or no education or accountability when it comes to actually providing this service in a competent manner.

Rich Preisig adds, “It is very interesting how many of these back-end debt settlement companies have appeared on the scene in the last several months or more as well, how many green states are now red states.”  As in any professional business environment, when a service is in high demand, said service providers become prolific.  This is when the time-honored warning of “caveat emptor” enters the picture!  The consumer seeking to settle their insurmountable debt most likely has no comprehension with regard to the difference between a debt settlement affiliate and attorney-based debt resolution.  Of equal dismay, they probably don’t understand the final impact of having made the correct choice between the two models.

As previously stated, a debt settlement affiliate can be literally anybody; there is no impediment to entering this business.  It stands to reason then, that just anybody can get the job done.  Or does it?  Let’s backtrack for a moment and think about the state of mind of an individual or couple whose debt consumes their everyday life.  They are in a very anxious state of mind and overwhelmingly distressed.  Their preoccupation with what has happened, as well as with what needs to happen next, doesn’t necessarily translate to astute decision-making.  A debt-laden consumer just wants to make things right again and move on with their life.  This renders them “ripe for the picking” by debt relief businesses who, more often than not, don’t have the best interests of the client at the very top of their agenda.  At best, a debt settlement affiliate can be elusive when the consumer has questions, or perhaps just plain antagonistic.  But, at worst, they could be sloppy and make mistakes that end up costing the client more!

“Being an unregulated industry leaves the door wide open to seriously-questionable practices, and this is why the attorney-based debt resolution model has become the favored program,” states Richard Preisig.  Because the consumer doesn’t know the most important questions to ask, exactly what results to expect and whether the individual representing them actually knows what they are doing, they are exceptionally vulnerable.  Article 1 of 2.


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