Debt Settlement Versus Debt Resolution in 2010.

The Debt Relief Business and specifically, the attorney based debt resolution model is considered the new and preferred way of helping consumers with their insurmountable credit card debt.  (This assumes that bankruptcy is not a more suitable option.)

Early on, (we’re talking maybe a year and a half ago) most sales offices believed that their dreams had been answered post the mortgage meltdown, as promoting loan modification was the easiest money they’d ever seen.  Alongside modifying consumers loans, loan officers, credit repair affiliates, mortgage brokerages and accountants alike became debt settlement affiliates with multiple net branches, but limited to green states.

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Today, and with even greater confidence, the loan modification professionals see the debt relief business as the way to go and are quickly moving to promoting debt settlement, synonymous with debt resolution except debt resolution is performed by attorneys.

Attorney Based Debt Resolution also has several advantages to the debt settlement processing model, including the ability to service consumers in 48 states.

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And when you find  the closest to perfect  attorney based debt resolution partner, you’re going to find that you’ll be working with a dynamic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software that will make every one of your employees more productive. This is a must for maximizing your sales reps to close more business.

Affiliate Support and Training:

How many of you have signed an agreement with a back-end debt settlement company and after you signed their agreement, you never heard back from them again.

Or perhaps, you’re starting to learn and realized that the debt settlement company you’re working with has less staff than you do and it’s evident when you call their office and no one is available and they lack the ability to return your calls and or emails in a timely matter.

Supporting our debt resolution affiliates to achieve maximum potential is our greatest goal.  Highly trained staff and instructors work daily with new and old affiliates through the use of conference calls and webinars.

We believe in the old adage that if you tell me something, I’ll forget it.  If you show me something I’ll remember how to do it, but if you involve me, I can not only do it, but I can teach others too.  We aim to pass on the skills to your sales force, so you can close 200 debt deals every month with only 10 sales agents!

The Debt Resolution Business Can Change Your Life!

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Each and every day, one-time mortgage offices, now loan modification professionals, are adding debt resolution to their array of services. And it’s to be expected, as Reuters states, “Soaring U.S. unemployment and a shrinking economy drove delinquencies on credit card debt to an all-time high in the first quarter as a record number of cash-strapped consumers fell behind on their bills.”

To set the stage, let’s quantify the amount of money these said debt resolution offices, with only 10 agents, are making each and every month.
Assuming that the average debt resolution deal is $25,000, and the aforementioned affiliate office that is closing 200 deals per month, is getting 10 of the 15% collected in fees:
– 200 deals at $25,000 equals $5,000,000 per month in total debt load.
– $5,000,000 x 10% = $500,000 in commissions generated each month.
– For purposes of clarity, the $500,000 in commissions generated is paid out over time.


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