Settle My Debt – Did You Just Type That Into Google?

Did You Just Type Into Google

settle my debt ??

By: Richard Preisig aka Rich Preisig

Debt Settlement Companies Own Up!

“You Don’t Have to Pay Monthly Junk Fees to Settle Your Debt!”

Americans who have already settled their debt after typing into Google “settle my debt” have derived a national average of $25,000.00 in debt to settle, across the board, nationwide. Some have $5,000 to settle, and some have $105,000 in debt to settle. This includes credit cards, medical bills, and all other “unsecured debt.”

Regardless of how much debt you have, the real money you should be saving is on the monthly junk fees when making payments that go into your “Special Purpose Account” for your debt settlement program.

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So, for instance, if you are $25,000 in debt and want to stop paying back minimum payments on your credit cards, or the little bit more that you can afford to pay each month, only to find out that the next month’s bill is even worse, and you didn’t even spend any more money on the card, you need to clearly understand your options!

Debt Settlement works when you’re not paying monthly junk fees. You know what junk fees are; the fees that some other person in a debt settlement company is lifting from your pocket to theirs, but with no different outcome to settling your debt.

You see, there is no difference between which debt settlement company can settle your debt for a lesser percentage of the total debt. They will “All” settle your debt for approximately 50 cents on the dollar. Don’t expect more even if the very persuasive salesperson calling you says they can settle your debt for less. They are reading from a script, and reality is that the faster you pay back your settlement, the lower you can pay back percentage wise. Stretching your payments out doesn’t help you, it hurts.

If you’re going to settle your debt with a debt settlement company, muster up as much as you can possibly afford each month, as this enables the company to settle your debt for less.

Remember, debt settlement companies exist to provide a service, and that service should cost you 15% of your total debt, but there should be no monthly service fees or maintenance fees.

NOTE: Every single debt settlement company in the nation must use a third party processing company to move your money (debit your account) from your checking account to your special purpose account (this is the account that is used to settle your debt.) They charge approximately $9.00 each month, and no debt settlement company in the nation can avoid this fee; do not confuse this nominal fee with any other monthly or maintenance fee.

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For instance, you’ll speak to a debt settlement agent over the phone, and they’ll say that they are settling your debt for a percentage on the dollar, and they’ll explain that your fee is 15% (which is the going price across the board to settle your debt from any back-end debt settlement company); but what they typically fail to make clear is that you will also pay an additional monthly fee or fees frequently named on your agreement as: “maintenance fee”, “processing fee”, “application fee”, “settlement fee”, etc.

The aforementioned “fees” are all bogus, added on by someone who figures that you’re not smart enough to know the difference. Hello!

Debt Settlement Fees – Just say No! These additional fees are pitched to sound reasonable to you, so you say “duh ok, I’ll pay them” – please do not!

Monthly Maintenance and Service Fees: There is no such thing as a “maintenance or whatever fee”; the debt settlement company is given the option – by the processing company that collects your money once you send it in – to add these extra fees onto your bill. Not kidding!

They are pure junk fees – just someone saying “let’s charge this too, they’ll never notice the difference.” If you pay $50 extra a month in junk fees, multiplied by the 24 to 36 months it’s going to take to pay your debt program off, you’ll have added another $1,200 to $1,800 to the bill.

Please pass this information on, as I’ve got a hunch, many are being told otherwise.

Finally Revealed; “You Do Not Have to Pay Monthly Junk Fees To Settle Your Debt!”

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Thank you, Richard Preisig aka Rich Preisig

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