Debt Settlement – Are You The One Holding The Red Flag?

Offering Debt Settlement With No Monthly Service Fees Can Spring Board Your Core Business For Years!

By Richard Preisig aka Rich Preisig

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Gain Your Clients’ Ongoing Trust With No Monthly Service Fees

… Or, Are You The One Holding The Red Flag?

If your core business is mortgage services, loan modification, credit repair, or if you’re an attorney, accountant or advisor just offering debt settlement to your clients because it’s in vogue right now, be sure to preserve your reputation by not offering debt settlement with extra monthly maintenance fees or service fees.

Rich Preisig states, “it’s so gauche (adjective: lacking social grace, sensitivity and tact), and it can really make you look like you steal money for a living from people who are already down on their luck.”

In fact, by presenting debt settlement to your client as a suitable option, you will more likely gain their business and ongoing trust by explaining that you want their ongoing business (mortgage, credit repair, real estate services, etc.), and this is just one way you are looking out for them. Out of the gate, you’re advising them that you will save them the $1,800 they would have spent with any other debt settlement company.

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to get a client, and this is a perfect opportunity to build a relationship whereby you can now add them to your core business services.

Your customer acquisition cost of attaining this new client lessens with every new service you bring them and when they successfully complete the next service you have to offer them.

This cost-conscious mentality provides you with a self-propagating business after a while; clients are now calling in, referring your business to friends and family.

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Richard Preisig aka Rich Preisig – Thank you for reading! – Your Source for Conscientious Debt Settlement

Richard Preisig aka Rich Preisig thanks you for reading this.


Speak to a few Debt Settlement Company’s first. – here

Talk about timing – May 2009

By Rich Preisig

Open Your Own Debt Settlement Office?!! It’s definitely the right timing and the barrier of entry is minimal – a home office or shared space will suffice for many. And for those of you who already have an office and are not already doing debt settlement – it’s the HOT ticket! We’re talking about debt settlement agents closing 2 to 3 deals a day with an average ticket of $4,500. Yes, that’s WOW money and most if not all of the business is done via E-Signature – a one call close!

If you’re in the market to add another product to your existing operation, Debt Settlement looks to be the answer. Many in this growing Industry agree that debt settlement goes hand in hand with loan modification and of course, mortgages. The same person you’re speaking with over the phone for loan modification may also be suitable for debt settlement and there’s no paperwork, credit score qualification, nothing – everyone qualifies and apparently, everyone is settling.

Quick start – Open Your Own Debt Settlement Office Input your information here and 4 different Debt Settlement Companies will contact you.

As more and more people are finding that settling their debt for approximately 55% on the dollar is a better option than going bankrupt, the providers of this easy exit are making bank. With 15% of fees on the table to go around, what percentage of that you’ll see is generally up to the size of your organization and how many deals your organization can do a month.

With the right bureau data & marketing setup, debt settlement agents are closing 2 – 3 deals a day.

Shall we do some math?

Let’s say the average deal is $30,000 (which is realistic with the right data)

If you received 50% of the 15% (7.5% total)

Your commission would be $2,250

Start – here

On average, You, the head of an office of say 10 agents can command and receive 50% – 70% of the 15% in collected fees, but the highest commission payout shouldn’t be your only concern? Many other variables including the debt settlement company’s client dropout rate and how and when you get paid are important to know, as managing your cash flow can be sink or swim.

When investigating which Debt Settlement Company to choose, you should get the answers to the following questions and make sure they work with your way of business.

What is their client dropout rate?

This means; for every client that enrolls in their debt settlement program, how many of them finish the program.

Remember – You stop getting paid when the Client stops paying. The lower the percentage dropout rate, the better.

What are the setup fees?

This means; some Debt Settlement Co.’s charge you an upfront fee. This can be tied to their Company software (shows you your deals, client payments, etc.) and or they may charge a per-agent setup fee and tie it to some other cost they’re incurring. Either way, watch how your total payout goes up and down with each Company.

How do You get paid and when?

You obviously need to know this so you can pay your Agents. Most debt settlement Co.’s will pay your Co. 100% of the first payment. Find out when you will receive that money and is this information in your agreement.

From here, major differences come into play. Some companies will pay you 50% of the 2nd and 3rd payment and 35% of the remaining payments until you get your agreed upon total percentage. Other Co’s are paying far less, as they put more of the client’s collected monthly payment toward the balance owed vs. their fees. In doing so, they feel that the client retention rate to fulfill the program through its term is far greater than taking all the fees upfront.

East Coast-based business professional Richard Preisig is onboard with the new technological revolution. Nowadays, just about everyone is using the Internet, and with, Richard Preisig hopes to help make things easier for consumers who are looking to buy homeowners’ insurance or refinance their mortgages. Those who log onto can not only communicate with other people who are interested in the same products and services they are, but they can also read reviews of industry professionals. Because of Richard Preisig and Loan Saver, homeowners no longer have to take a chance with their agents, they can read—as well as write—reviews to make sure they have the right person to take care of their needs. In addition to looking at reviews, Rich Preisig’s site allows users to create blog posts and view instructional videos.

Another of Rich Preisig’s projects, American Reputation, Inc., is also well on its way to success. Like Loan Saver, American Reputation is just shy of its one-year anniversary. The year 2008 proved to be a fruitful one for Rich Preisig, and his two companies continue to thrive in their markets. In his college days, long before he formed two Eastchester, New York companies, Mr. Rich Preisig was a double major at the University of Binghamton. Rich Preisig took on the task of studying both human development and applied social science. In addition to focusing on two subjects, Mr. Rich Preisig played tennis and soccer. Rich Preisig spent quite a bit of time at the Vestal campus and graduated with B.S. in December 1993. When he is not managing his two businesses, Richard Preisig spends his downtime playing golf, flying kites, and reading, especially books written by his favorite authors: Alan H. Cohen, Carolyn Warren, and John Grisham.



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