Offer Debt Settlement with No Monthly Maintenance Fees Is Smart!

Offering Debt Settlement With No Monthly Service Fees Can Spring Board Your Core Business For Years To Come.

By Rich Preisig

Gain Your Clients’ Ongoing Trust With No Monthly Service Fees

If your core business is mortgage services, loan modification, credit repair, or if you’re an attorney, accountant or adviser just offering debt settlement to your clients because it’s in vogue right now, be sure to preserve your reputation by not offering debt settlement with extra monthly maintenance fees or service fees.

Rich Preisig states, “it’s so gauche (adjective: lacking social grace, sensitivity and tact), and it can really make you look like you steal money for a living from people who are already down on their luck.”

In fact, by presenting debt settlement to your client as a suitable option, you will more likely gain their business and ongoing trust by explaining that you want their ongoing business (mortgage, credit repair, real estate services, etc.), and this is just one way you are looking out for them. Out of the gate, you’re advising them that you will save them the $1,800 they would have spent with any other debt settlement company.

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to get a client, and this is a perfect opportunity to build a relationship whereby you can now add them to your core business services.

Your customer acquisition cost of attaining this new client lessens with every new service you bring them and when they successfully complete the next service you have to offer them.

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